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Offset belongs to the most widespread and the cheapest printing technology (in case of
bigger amounts) - indirect printing from the surface. Printing colour is transferred upon the
material from the surface of a printing form indirectly through an offset coat.  (Source:

Stickers Printed by UV Offset

This technology is suitable in case that the artwork contains subtle grid changes,
photographs, or plenty of colours, and therefore the use of screen-printing would become
too costly. On the other hand, classic offset using conventional colours on PVC can reach only
a thin colour film layer, which also means worse colour durability and resistance against
weather conditions.
For the above reasons we use UV offset instead of a classic one. Among other great
advantages of this method stands the fact that the colour layer does not evaporate, the
colour is not absorbed by the material and after coming out of a UV tunnel, it is 100%
hardened without any loss in the height of the colour film.
A sticker made in this way looks better than normal sticker, and it is also more resistant
against weather conditions. We use the best colours available on the market to ensure the
colour stability of our stickers in the exterior. Still it is vital that the customer is aware of the
fact that printed advertising cannot compete with cut-out advertising, and offset sticker is
less durable than screen-printed one. Therefore we cover offset sheets with a thick layer of
polish with UV filter, to ensure good-looking, long-term advertising.
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