Rectangular cut

Sharp edges
Straight cuts
Free of charg

Plotter-cut sticker

The sticker is cut into a desired shape.
Plotter-cut stickers stay on the base paper or they are
cut straight to individual pieces.  There is no die-cut form
needed, the sticker is cut digitally. Complex, detailed
shapes are no problem for this technology. It is used in
cases when the stamping-form would be too expensive.

Die-cut sticker

The desired form of the sticker motive is achieved with
the use of the stamping-form. A special cutting machine
makes either a part-cut (i.e. the stickers stay in the sheet
on the base paper) or a full cut (i.e. the cut is made
through the foil and through the paper and the final
motive is separated from the waste material).

Sticker applied from the inner side of a


This sticker has the adhesive side on the motive and it is
used in cases when damage or scratching could happen
from the front side. This sticker type can be printed by
screen-printing, digital printing or offset printing in
combination with plotter or die-cut.

Two-sided sticker

After its application on transparent surface it is legible
from both sides. It is often used to show the direction of
opening the door, conventional PUSH-PULL sticker. It is
made by screen-printing, offset and digital printing.

Self-adhesive aluminium plates

The sticker is made of a thin aluminium plate and
adhesive with maximal adhesiveness. It is often a
technical sticker of an informational character. It is
possible to punch into it, or to typewrite (e.g. serial
numbers). This sticker has the best durability. It is made
by screen-printing, it can be die-cut, plotter-cut and cut.

3D sticker

A sticker plotter-cut into a simple shape is covered with
a thick layer of clear resin that creates a 3D effect which
plays with light and shade, especially on chrome stickers
with transparent colours. This sticker can be made by
screen-printing, offset and digital printing.

Metal and holographic stickers

Special foil that imitates metals (silver, gold, scratched
aluminium), furthermore, there is a great choice of
holographic designs.
Interesting effects can be achieved in case that this type
of foil is combined with the print of transparent colours,
or covered with resin. (see the picture of 3D stickers)

High-visibility stickers

The foil is adapted so that it reflects light. This sticker
type has a wide range of use wherever a safety elements
are needed (e.g. traffic signs, high-risk working-sites,

Luminescent stickers

The motive is printed with the use of a colour that
reflects bright blue-green colour after being shined at in
the darkness.  This effect has a wide range of use.

Fluorescent stickers

This sticker type uses colours that are bright, shining
and signalling in daily light. This is a very modern and
popular effect.

Sealing stickers

The sticker is made of a thin, brittle foil, the structure of
which gets damaged at every attempt of its removal - i.e.
it cannot be removed without being damaged.
It is suitable as a sealing mark or as a protective element
of products.

Floor stickers

These are printed on a standard permanent sticker and
then laminated by highly durable foil. There are several
options depending on the level of strain on a concrete
This sticker is not suitable for the use on floor only, but
for its qualities it is also good for places of high strain -
e.g. in workrooms as a highly durable element.

Adhesive stickers

This is a special foil, which is used to keep the stickers on
smooth surface without the use of adhesive. These
stickers are widely used to give information about
products that could get scratched (e.g. displays,
eyeglasses, etc.)

Stickers with non-perm adhesive

This is a standard PVC with special adhesive, which
enables the sticker to be re-used even after a longer
period of time, without the damage on the surface and
without leaving the marks of adhesive.
It is suitable for short-term, frequently repeated actions
where adhesion is not the main point.

Wall stickers

The way of printing and the contents of foil made for
wall decoration is suitable for completing the
decoration of a flat, office or shop - but the main benefit
is the use of your own fantasy. It is very easy to make a
personal design and you do not have to rely on a
conventional offer of sellers. We will make it possible for
you to bring the snow caps from the mountains you
visited on holiday straight to your living room.
Alternatively you can harmonize the colour of your sofa
cushion with the colour of surrounding walls.
There is a variety of materials, adhesives and
laminations. It is possible to use on the coarse plaster,
only the application is not so easy, furthermore there is
a possibility to use a non-perm adhesive for re-
application without the damage of the plaster.  Stickers
can also get lamination (matt or shiny), which makes
them washable.

Textile stickers

Textile stickers are made of acetate silk, they have satin
shine and it is possible to cut them into simple shapes.
They are made for application on clothing - suitable as a
short-term, quickly applicable motive, e.g. the sponsor
logo on a dress, or distinguishing element for kids’
sports events.

Transfer stickers

These are plotter-cut stickers, which are applied with
the use of transfer paper - as in a conventional cut out

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Kinds of stickers

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