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PVC Stickers

Tiskárna Borkovec
Semtín 186
533 53 Pardubice

Tel.: +420 605 808 383
Welcome to our webpage stickerprinting.cz. We have been specializing in sticker production
since 1992, using the screen-printing method and other technologies like offset, digital
printing and partial UV polish on offset sheets. Quality is our ultimate priority, therefore we
use only the best materials and colours. Still, we can offer a favourable price. This is possible
due to the following factors - first we are located out of Prague and second we have been
buying the material from our suppliers in big amounts for years. For delivery abroad we use
courier services. Also we are always ready to count the price for your particular request,
without any commitment.

Professional approach
Many years´ experience in the field
Quick production
Sending the order by post
or courier service
Best materials
and colours